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The Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni Entrepreneurs Association



Unite CUHK's Entrepreneurial Strength

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Vision And Mission

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Entrepreneurial Alumni Association was established by a group of entrepreneurial alumni from the university. Its purpose is to unite all CUHK members who have started or are preparing to start their own businesses, providing opportunities for networking and connection. This aims to expand and strengthen the network among CUHK entrepreneurs, embodying the spirit of mutual aid among CUHK members, and helping CUHK entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a long history and many successful entrepreneurs in various fields in society. This association will serve as a bridge connecting the alma mater with entrepreneurial alumni, giving back to the alma mater, while leveraging the power of the alumni network. It aims to provide a platform for exchange and entrepreneurial information for all entrepreneurial alumni, current students, or faculty and staff

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Executive Committee

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Board of Directors

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Supporting Organizations

Membership Requirement

Members must be students, alumni, or staff of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Member Benefits 

  • Members enjoy special discounts when participating in CUAEA (Chinese University of Hong Kong Entrepreneurial Alumni Association) events.

  • Member information will be added to the official CUAEA database and website.

  • Members have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with experienced professionals or investors, learning from them.

  • Members are eligible to run for a position in the CUAEA committee in the following year.

  • Members have the chance to gain exposure in public or through media.

  • Members will receive updates about various CUAEA events.




CUHK Centre for Innovation and Technology



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